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by posted 02/14/2020

Welcome Renegades!

We are looking forward to a great season. Here's a few reminders to keep our team running smoothly.

1. Punctuality and Communication: Please have your player on time to practice and pre-game warmups which means on the field. When kids arrive late we cannot warm up and practice as a team. Arriving 5 minutes early is ideal. Please communicate with coach James any time your player is late or can not make a practice/game.

2. Parent Participation: OALL is a parent/volunteer run organization. Please help as much as you can with practices, games, scorekeeping, pitch counts, announcements, and scoreboard. It takes a village and the all efforts are greatly appreciated.

3. Proper equipment: All players must wear cups for practices and games. Batting helmets, bats, gloves, must conform to regulations. For games, the uniform designated must be followed or we risk forfeit. Undershirts must be black.

4. Hydration/Food: Please make sure your player has enough fluids for practices and games. No food is allowed in the dugouts at any time.

5. Get online: There are a lot of benefits to the SSU phone app, the OALL website, and GameChanger. Communication is also much easier and instantaneous with the app. If you'd like text updates, you can login to OALL and enable your cell to get text notifications.

6. During games: Please show the umpires, coaches, and opposing players/parents respect. Please do not direct the players or shout instructions. 

7. Play time and rules: To set expectations correctly on play time, some players will be starters and potentially play the entire game while other players will substitute in and out frequently. The spring season in Little League is considered competitive baseball and our goal is to win the division. Some players will play multiple positions while others may focus on a single position. Every player will play minimally 6 consecutive outs with 1 at bat. In the case of a player not meeting the minimal play time, that player will start the next game. If you have any questions or concerns on play time, positions or rules, please don't hesitate to ask.

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