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  • Complete the Medical Release Form (doctor's information, insurance information, medical conditions)‚ View PDF Form. 
  • Bring the player's Birth Certificate and 3 Proofs of Residency to an onsite registration Day at our fields
  • Pay the registration fees.

If you can volunteer...

Spring 2021 Manager Registration

MANAGER / COACH APPLICATION - The mission of the Oceanside American Little League is to provide a safe, supportive environment for the children of our community in which to learn sportsmanship, teamwork, skills and a respect for the game of baseball. The Managers and Coaches of Oceanside American Little League are the most important part of our organization. They are in a position to greatly determine the quality of each player’s experience. Oceanside American Little League strives to select those individuals for managing and coaching positions who will best exemplify the values of the Little League Baseball. The League will support the managers and coaches through coaching clinics, safety clinics and other activities designed to enhance their teaching and leadership skills and knowledge. There are no vested managers or coaches in Little League Baseball. Each manager and coach must apply each season. Prospective candidates will be evaluated on the following: leadership, teaching ability, commitment, enjoyment, organizational skills, sportsmanship, past experience and their ability to be a role model for their team. The Managers and Coaches Committee will evaluate each candidate and will then recommend the approved candidates to the President and the full board of directors for confirmation and team assignments.  

Opened: 09/24/2020