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 Q. What is a Draft or the term "players drafted". 

A. In our AAA, Majors, and Juniors Divisions, players are put together based on Assessment Scores. When it comes to our "Upper Divisions" (AAA, Major, and  Junior),  players are drafted onto teams based on Managers selecting players. 

Q. How does the Assessment process work in conjunction w/ the draft?

A. Players that attend our Assessments will receive scores from the Manager that will be in the Division for that season. Those scores are averaged together in order to get a player an Assessment Score. Assessment Scores are derived from various skills such as throwing, defense, hitting, pitching and base running. 

Q. What happens on Draft Day?

A. In the draft room we assemble two coaches from each team to draft their respective team. Coaches are approved prior by our Board of Directors. Each coach will receive their Assessment Packet they used to score the players. Also on an overhead projector players are revealed throughout the draft process based on their "Player Assessment Score". The highest ranked players will be shown first, and so on and so forth. Average scores and thus "Player Assessment Score" are not shown to the coaches. ONLY the players name is shown for the coaches to pick. For every team in the room, 2 players are revealed on the board. Coaches pick numbers randomly out of a hat to determined "draft order".

Q. Draft is live...what now?

A. As the draft begins, coaches make their selection from the names revealed on the draft board. Team #1 makes their selection, then it moves to Team #2. All teams in the room will make their initial pick. Once the end of the teams are reached (for example we have 6 teams in the draft), the final team (Team 6) will pick back to back, and then order of draft goes back down to Team #1. The "bookends" or teams on each end will receive two picks back to back at the start/end of each round. This process will take place until all players are drafted to teams, to which will conclude the draft. 

Q. What if my child didn't attend Assessments, can they be drafted?

A. Yes and No. Yes your child will be drafted to a team, but they won't be picked by a Coach/Team personally. All players "eligible" for the draft will be blind picked. Meaning wherever the draft ends, those players will be put on teams based on their blind pick order  (blind pick players assigned a number randomly before draft starts). In terms of the "NO" and eligibility, players that are borderline ages that do NOT assess can not be considered for the higher level. This comes into play for our AAA division. Example: A player is 8 or 9 years old. He doesn't assess. He will automatically be placed at the AA level. The only 8 year old's that can have potential to play at the AAA level are the ones that assess in the top 5%. Any 9 year old that did not play in the AAA division the year before is in danger of being put in the AA division depending on overall numbers for players in the league overall.

Q. Ok cool, my kid was in the draft. What next?

A. Managers are not allowed to contact players until our Coaches Meet and Greet.

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